College Admissions Consulting – Success!


Testimonials: Parents, Students and Graduates

You helped me find my voice and make the strongest and most authentic admission case possible. I have very fond memories of my college application process — and that is due in no small measure to your indispensable support and guidance.

– Graduate of Tufts University

As you can see, your suggestions have been gratefully incorporated! Thank heaven you caught a couple of details that I said would never slide by me. I missed a grammar doozy, and missed passive voice usage.

– A mom, Norfolk, Virginia

Some students in my class who had higher grades and better scores than me kept saying, “I don’t get it. How did you get in, not us?” What I didn’t say, but could have, is that I had a secret weapon: your creativity, insight and knowledge of the admissions process. I think that’s what made my application stand out from other people’s.

– Virginia Tech student

I think the new version is great. It definitely ‘sells’ myself more than the previous one.

– Dartmouth student

I know exactly why you wanted him to write this one. This is my favorite essay of his now. This essay shows who my son is.

– A mom, Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts

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