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Striking a balance between letting your children be independent and guiding them with your knowledge and experience can be challenging, especially when it comes to applying to college. The stress of the process sometimes makes students less able to hear those who care the most.

Most parents find that our role as objective and knowledgeable outside advisors enables them to feel at ease, knowing their students are getting wise counsel, and taking pressure off the parent-teen relationship.



Can a college tell that my student got professional help?

Most students get help when they apply, whether from school, family, or a professional. Colleges expect such adults to give input on the applications and essays – and they can distinguish adult input from adult writing. While we give students the “how” of presenting themselves to colleges, the students do the “what.”

We will not write for students; that would be completely against our morals. We will, however, help at each step along the way. For this reason, the applications and essays are the students’ and will come across accordingly.


Don’t all your students end up applying to the same schools with essays that sound similar?

That would be possible only if our students were clones! Because we help students identify the colleges that are right for their specific interests and desires, every student’s college list is different. For the applications, we help students think deeply about themselves and write accordingly. No two essays or applications turn out remotely the same.


I’m a strong writer and got into the Ivy League myself. Shouldn’t I be the one helping my student with the application process and essays?

Yes and no! Even our founder hired a coach when her daughter was applying to college. It wasn’t that her daughter needed help she couldn’t provide; it was that they realized that someone outside of their personal relationship could help move things along. Having that objective third person at the table actually made it easier for her daughter to hear her advice.

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